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Colloquium 2020 of the weyer group

#colloquiumgoesdigital: This was the first digital colloquium of the weyer group on the topic “Cyber Security of production plants and machines

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Only about three months ago we were planning an ordinary colloquium of the weyer group. It was to take place on 18 June 2020 at Schillingspark in Düren as in the previous 30 years: Numerous customers and business partners were invited, interesting lectures on the focus topic “Cyber Security of Production Facilities” were planned, a tent with a stage and a rich buffet were ordered. But like so many events in the first half of 2020, we had to cancel our colloquium due to the corona pandemic. However, the topic “Cyber Security” gave us the idea of organizing the colloquium as an interactive live stream on the Internet: #colloquiumsgoesdigital

Corona-related replanning

The short-term rescheduling of the colloquium demanded a high degree of flexibility from all participants, who already assumed that the event would be cancelled. Without exception, however, the speakers agreed to hold their technical presentations in front of the camera in the form of a live stream. We organized a professional camera team and changed the whole concept of the event. The heart of the colloquium, however, remained the same: interesting specialist presentations on a current focus topic of the industry. The speakers reported and informed about the topic “Cyber Security of production plants and machines” from various perspectives. At the end of the day, the circumstances under which the event was held fitted the theme perfectly: a digital event on digital security. This gave the audience an insight into the most important perspectives on the topic.

Videos online from today

If you did not participate in our colloquium on June 18, you can watch four of the five lectures as videos on our website and on our YouTube channel as of today. We ask for your understanding that, due to regulations, we cannot publish Mr. Gebhard’s presentation retrospectively. Therefore we can offer the presentation slides as PDF for download.

These were the speakers and topics

Stephan Gebhard from the State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection NRW, was the first speaker to report from the perspective of an authority. In his lecture he dealt with the KAS-51 guideline and its structure and presented the requirements and effects of the current regulations. He also took a close look at Industry 4.0 from the perspective of the authorities and gave an outlook into the future on the basis of current industry projects.

Markus Ahorner from Ahorner & Innovators GmbH presented an integrated cyber security concept for industrial sites in his lecture. Prior to this, he analysed the relevance of the topic and asked himself the questions: “Does the topic of cyber crime only inspire fear? “Who should protect themselves?” and “Isn’t that the responsibility of the IT department?”

Martin Wundram from DigiTrace GmbH took the role of a hacker in his presentation. He presented the profiles and intentions of different types of hackers. He then used a “live hacking” to show how a hacker can use a system gap to shut down a fictitious quarry company with digitally controlled systems and machines. Finally, he gave tips on preventing a cyber attack and pointed out typical security gaps in systems.

Gerhard Klein from Braun und Klein Siebdruck-Vertriebs-GmbH presented the counterexample to Mr Wundram. Mr. Klein and his company became victims of a hacker attack in 2018. The hackers encrypted all files on the company network and demanded a ransom to decrypt them. After the ransom was paid, the blackmailers demanded even more. The incident had harsh consequences for Gerhard Klein’s company and, not least, health consequences for the managing director. Klein gave an impressive account of how he led his company through the crisis and emerged strengthened from it.

Onnen Siems, Thomas Budzyn und Tommy Berg from Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss Gesellschaft für aktuarielle Beratung mbH, presented the challenges facing a cyber industrial insurance company. Among other things, the presentation dealt with the risks that can be hedged in connection with a cyber attack on a company. Onnen Siems’ team also presented various compositions and tariff features of a cyber insurance. Finally, they presented possibilities for companies to reduce premiums.

Our summary: a format for the future

We are very satisfied with the course of the event and happy about the smooth technical implementation of the stream. We would like to thank our speakers once again for their interesting presentations and their flexibility in view of the circumstances. We would also like to thank our camera team from fresh-photography for the smooth realization and transmission of the colloquium.

In the end, there was only one thing missing from our Colloquium 2020: the personal exchange with you. Of course there was the possibility to raise questions and objections via our live chat, but everyone present agreed that this could not replace the direct exchange with you. Therefore, we are already looking forward to the next colloquium, which hopefully can take place again as usual in 2023 at Schillingspark in Düren.

Here you can see our colloquium 2020 about cyber security of production plants “behind the scenes”:

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