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Environmental impact assessment

Public Sector

As part of the approval process for emission-related plants, the applicant usually has to prove to the plant operator that the installation and operation of the plant do not cause any harmful environmental effects. The environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a central component of the administrative approval process for many plants for this reason (e.g. in emission control approval procedures or planning approval procedures). The law provides for a general or location-based preliminary review of the individual case for certain projects where the nature or size of the project is likely to have little impact on the environment.

The weyer group provides support to plant operators or investors during all the steps in the approval process. Via our close coordination with the project developer and the competent authorities, we work out the project-specific requirements for the environmental impact assessment with a sense of proportion.

The environmental impact report contains all the significant statements about the environmental impact of the specific project that are required for the official decision. The report is based closely on the requirements of the previously agreed investigation framework.

We maintain an overview for you and summarise all the relevant aspects in the environmental impact report in an expert overall assessment. Our experience in appraisals for project promoters and approving authorities means that we can offer you this bespoke and legally compliant document.

In the further course of the approval procedure, we are also happy to support those involved in the planning process in respect of the continued participation of the authorities and the public.

It is crucial for the applicant to build trust and acceptance among the public and with the authorities, especially for projects that have an impact on surrounding towns or ecologically sensitive areas. A skilled representation of the project during the discussion phase can ensure this.


  • Development of a framework plan for assessing environmental compatibility
  • Implementation of the scoping process
  • Preparation of the environmental impact report
  • Preparation of the general or location-related preliminary check for individual cases
  • Coordination of the entire EIA process for the project developer
  • Calculation of nitrogen and acid deposition (FFH compatibility)
weyer special: Environmental Impact Assessment

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a central component of the administrative approval process. An EIA may be required as part of immission control approval procedures for large-scale industrial and waste management plants and planning approval procedures. For certain projects which, due to their type or size, are only expected to have minor environmental impacts, the law provides for a preliminary assessment of the individual case…

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