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Legal Compliance for companies

Plant planners and manufacturers

Legal compliance is of the utmost importance for companies – both for the image and the market value it provides and, not least when dealing with supervisory authorities.

A gap analysis is used to create an individual risk profile for the company in order to represent its legal compliance. Measures for the creation and sustainable maintenance of legal safety for your company are developed and defined from this. The focus here is placed on integrating legally prescribed protection goals into the entrepreneurial activities by means of tried and tested approaches that bring the greatest possible benefit. Furthermore, a specialist from the weyer group can be appointed for you as legal compliance officer who holds the strings of the relevant legal areas in their hand. Within the scope of the requisite documentation, we also develop a specific organisational manual for you which presents all the relevant responsibilities and operational processes. The link to existing management systems (e. g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) goes without saying. The companies in the weyer group do not offer you any legal advice, but do assess all the relevant technical aspects based on their high level of engineering expertise.

Legal compliance is fundamentally based on a general understanding and acceptance of rules in the company. To ensure that all stakeholders pull together, we develop a bespoke concept for training all stakeholders.


  • Legal compliance checks
  • Concepts for a legally compliant organisation at your company
  • Operational documentation
  • Legal compliance officer
  • Seminars and in-house training
weyer special: Legal Compliance

Compliance stands for the observance of laws and guidelines in the company. Sections 9, 30 and 130 of the German Administrative Offences Act (Ordnungswidrigkeitengesetz) require management to ensure that business activities do not result in violations of the law. If the duties of organisation, selection, instruction and control are not taken into account, management and executors are threatened with drastic penalties…

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weyer spezial zum Thema Legal Compliance

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