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CFD Simulation

Operators and investors

CFD simulation has been used for years at the weyer group to address various questions. The method has proven to be a very good alternative, since complex flows can only be analysed experimentally, if at all, in extremely complex experiments.

The weyer group and its highly skilled team of engineers has extensive know-how of this modern process of flow simulation. When applied professionally, numerical flow simulation is an indispensable instrument for accelerating development processes, optimising processes and products and ensuring the safe operation of process engineering systems.

Over and above this, CFD simulation can significantly reduce development risks. This makes numerical simulation the standard tool for solving many fluidic and strength-related problems and questions. Against this background, the weyer group provides support to clients from a wide range of industries in the product development, plant optimisation and planning process, as well as in accident impact assessments and strength issues.

CFD simulation services

  • Calculation of flow patterns, pressure loss and heat transfer from gases and liquids
  • Fluidic optimisation of suction systems (pollutants, heat, etc.)
  • Accident impact analyses (spreading of pollutants in different media, pressure wave propagation after explosions, etc.)
  • Fire simulations (design of smoke and heat extraction systems, flue gas spread, etc.)
  • Simulation of evacuation measures
  • Optimisation of adsorption devices
  • Calculation of process furnaces
weyer special: CFD Simulation

Simulation technologies are becoming more and more important for development processes, process optimization, strength analyses, accident impact analyses and many other technical issues. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is increasingly being used for the solution of technical problems…

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weyer spezial zum Thema CFD-Simulation

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