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Major Accidents Ordinance (Seveso III Directive)

Plant planners and manufacturers

Adequate safety distance, safety reports, accident prevention concepts

Accidents involving hazardous substances can have a variety of effects. In addition to causing costly interruption of ongoing operations, they can result in considerable damage to property, people and the environment. One of the numerous regulations for the safe handling of hazardous substances is the Seveso III Directive (2012/18/EU), essentially implemented in German national law by the amended Major Accidents Ordinance. Here you can view the current version of the 12th BImSchV.

The Major Accidents Ordinance defines its scope and the extent of the resulting obligations for plant operators regarding thresholds for certain hazardous substances. Also decisive for this are the requirements of hazardous substances law and the CLP Regulation.

We support and advise you on the implementation of the operator’s obligations.


  • Examination of the applicability of the Major Accident Ordinance
  • Creation of concepts for preventing accidents
  • Preparation of safety reports
  • Preparation of alarm and hazard prevention plans
  • Preparation of the operational and environmental hazard source analysis, e.g. according to the HAZOP method
  • Consideration of possible interventions by unauthorised persons
  • Establishment and review of safety management systems
  • Advice on measures to prevent accidents or limit their effects
  • Calculation of the appropriate safety distance
  • Implementation of Sec. 50 BImSchG – Calculation of appropriate distances according to the requirements of the KAS-18 guidance according to the respective area of application
  • Preparation of expert reports acc. to Sect. 29a and Sec. 29b BImSchG
  • Performance of accident impact assessments (fire, explosion, spread of pollutants, etc.) with different programs (EFFECTS, ProNuSs, VDI models etc.)
  • Creation of information brochures in accordance with Sec. 11 Major Accidents Ordinance (public information)
  • Appointment of external accident officers
  • Conducting seminars and in-house training

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