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CTE Chemietechnik-Engineering GmbH

CTE Chemietechnik-Engineering GmbH was originally founded in 1997 and is based in Leverkusen. The companies provides to support to customers in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sector in engineering. The company accepts work contracts and also has a license to supply temporary workers.

Services provided by CTE Chemietechnik-Engineering GmbH

  • Design of installations in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Creation of process and RI flow diagrams using CAD according to DIN 28004 using customer-specific software modules including on-site inventories of the existing systems (under MicroStation, PlantSpace P&ID and AutoCAD)
  • Installation studies and planning taking into account procedural aspects using 2D and 3D CAD (MicroStation/AutoCAD)
  • Installation and apparatus planning using CAD in 2D and 3D design including on-site inventories of existing systems (MicroStation/AutoCAD)
  • Installation overviews with ceiling breakthroughs, load data including information on load transmission (ceiling breakthrough and load plans) as the basis for construction planning
  • Creation of preliminary inspection documents for submission to the technical supervision
  • Construction drawings (MicroStation/AutoCAD), parts lists, welding plans (MS Office under Windows), internal pressure measurement and documentation according to the AD-B series
  • Strength calculation and documentation for vessel supports
  • Connections under stress due to internal pressure (KTA3211/AD-S3/6) and additional nozzle loads (WRC107) (DIMy from RWTÜV plant technology)
  • Specification of apparatus and machines
  • Preparation of requested drawings and sketches
  • Technical enquiries concerning apparatus, machines, fittings and pipe components
  • Evaluation of proposals, order concepts.
  • Submission of drawings and documents subject to examination to the technical supervision
  • Specification of pipes and fittings according to pipe standards and the prescribed specification standards
  • Pipe and fittings lists (MS Office, MicroStation)
  • Actual situation inventory, 2D and 3D pipeline planning
  • Isometric overview and workshop drawings with parts lists (MicroStation)
  • L-ISO using customer-specific adaptations and databases, (3D cell library for glass)
  • Inventory and documentation of pipes subject to inspection according to the Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Creation of stamping circles including insert lists, job cards (Microsoft, MicroStation 2D and 3D/AutoCAD)
  • Cooperation in the procurement of pipeline components and fittings including delivery tracking, invoice verification and documentation
  • Stress and elasticity verification for loads that result from static loads, such as dead weight, pressure, temperature, wind, earthquakes etc., Incl. optimisation of the support concept and specification of loads on selected interfaces such as apparatus nozzles
  • Design of compensators, spring supports and spring hangers (Rohr2 under Windows NT)
  • Determination of the classification according to BetrSichV (Sec. 14 and 15 BetrSichV, work equipment, mechanical and electrical explosion protection)
  • Compilation of test concepts / replacement tests
  • Preparation / compilation of the technical documents required for the tests and their documentation
  • Calculations according to AD 2000, B series
  • Entries in SAP
  • Transfer of installations to the BetrSichV (qualified person, work equipment)
  • Preparation of schedules, recording of the activities for all participating trades and development of the workflow planning
  • Support / coordination for the acceptance and testing of the system (qualified person, work equipment)
  • Quality management during downtimes

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CTE Chemietechnik-Engineering GmbH
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