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Species protection and habitats compatibility

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The EU-wide “Natura 2000” network for Fauna Flora Habitat (FFH) and bird sanctuaries serves to protect and conserve endangered or typical habitats and species. This makes a separate FFH compatibility test necessary for plans and projects that may have an impact on such protected areas. Species protection (specially and strictly protected species) is also an important aspect of planning approval and approval procedures. This needs be taken into account in the planning as early as possible, because legal studies in the area of species protection are very time-consuming and can influence the project schedule as a result.

The weyer group provides you with support in the form of environmental expert reports during the approval and planning approval procedures and takes over all communication with the authorities in relation to species protection and FFH compatibility.

Services in the area of species protection and FFH compatibility

  • Case-by-case analysis of the specific project
  • Skilled advice on the requirements of the studies on FFH compatibility
  • Expert reports on compatibility with Natura 2000 zones (FFH zones and EU bird sanctuaries): Impact assessments and preliminary checks/impact assessments
  • Species protection potential analyses
  • Expert opinions on the special protection of species
  • Coordination of all required expert reports and coordination with the approval authority
weyer special: Species protection and habitats compatibility

Whenever a project or procedure may have an impact on a Natura 2000 area (FFH or bird sanctuary) or significant habitats with protected species, nature conservation expert opinions are required. As an integral part of the application documents, they provide information on the concrete effects the planned project will have on the existing ecosystem. This can be a direct loss of land due to overbuilding or the changes in the site situation due to substance inputs and noise…

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