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Objection Management

Public Sector

One of the essential conditions for obtaining approval or a successful a planning approval process is the participation of the public. The larger the proposed project or the more it is discussed, the greater the public interest. Frequently, a debate also takes place at the political level, which means that a large number of objections from the public can be expected. A comprehensive system for objection management is required to deal with this large number of objections.

The weyer group has been providing support to authorities and project promoters in the area of approval, planning approval and scoping procedures involving public sector participation for over 20 years now. The tasks involved here include project management during the entire process flow for planning, preparation, spatial planning implementation, scoping, approval and planning approval procedures with public participation in, for instance, public sector construction, expansion or modification projects (power plants, airports, roads, etc.).

During the process, objections are assessed by experts from the weyer group with regard to the respective area of approval law and assigned to a topic tree. This grouping allows the objections raised to be summarised in arguments and argument groups. In turn, we prepare an agenda for the discussion meeting from this.

In this regard, we are also happy to take over the entire planning, implementation and follow-up for the meeting. All you have to do is attend the meeting where you receive the full set of relevant documents.

We answer frequently asked questions from our customers on the subject of Objection Management in this article (German only).


  • Recording and addressing objections with the Objection Recording Database
  • Technical processing and evaluation of objections
  • Logistics, organisation and support for the discussion meeting from its conception to the summary result of the meeting
  • Execution and follow-up on the discussion meeting
weyer special: Objection Management

Public participation is an essential prerequisite for many licensing and planning approval procedures. If the planned project is also the subject of political discussion, the approval authorities are often confronted with a large number of objections. In order to process the approval procedure in a legally compliant and timely manner, it is necessary to record the objections in full. Suggestions and criticisms of the objectors must be answered comprehensively…

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