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Contaminated sites and land management

Public Sector

The responsible development of portfolios, the allocation of building land, the financing business of banks and venture capital investors and corporate mergers / acquisitions increasingly require a critical examination of the risks that can result from contaminating soil and groundwater.


  • Merged considerations of the economic and ecological effects of land use measures in project business plans
  • Feasibility studies relating to land revitalisation
  • Environmental risk assessments (identification and quantification of risks that may arise from the environmentally relevant activities of a company)
  • Contaminated site risk assessments
  • Brief analysis of contaminated sites/assessment of contaminated sites
  • Plausibility check on contaminated site reports (keyword: 2nd opinion)
  • Cost forecasts for demolition and remediation
  • Management systems for recording the overall risk situation for portfolios
  • Advice on the general conditions for land management (organisational and fiscal)

The benefit to you

  • Security for your property transactions
  • Close integration of the technical evaluation with the legal and economic evaluation of contaminated site risks and the (potential) remediation obligations
  • Systematic and practice-oriented cost forecasts in scenario calculations
  • Integrated and quantified risk assessment
  • Second opinion on the need for investigation and remediation as well as the course of long-term groundwater remediation etc.
weyer special: Land management

Land management increasingly presents itself as a link between urban development, municipal property management, business development and environmental protection. Therefore, we offer public and private clients services ranging from the management of contaminated sites to business and economic cost-benefit analyses and (urban and regional) planning advice…

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weyer spezial zum Thema Flächenmanagement

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