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Risk analysis according to the HAZOP / PAAG method

Operators and investors

Within the scope of the extended operator obligations in the Major Accidents Ordinance, the legislator demands that an accident prevention concept is created. This also includes the preparation of a systematic risk source analysis/risk analysis. An established and officially recognized method is the use of the HAZOP study (Hazard and Operability), which is also known in Germany as the PAAG method (prognosis, detection, assessment, countermeasure). According to a fixed system, an interdisciplinary HAZOP team checks the planned or existing system for deviations from the intended operation. This systematic view allows safety gaps to be revealed and closed with countermeasures.

The meetings are prepared and carried out by the HAZOP leader and the scribe. The leader guides the team members who are familiar with the plant in order to carry out an efficient and objective study.

The scribe, who has mastered various documentation software applications which have been adapted to the requirements of the customer, supports the leader to ensure that meetings run smoothly. This dovetails the different perspectives of the installers and operators and by doing so ensures compliance with the systematic approach that has made the HAZOP method so successful.

As a service, we offer to provide you with an external HAZOP leader who is certified by the BG RCI (“Trade association for raw materials and chemical industry”)and a scribe, who performs the essential risk analysis work on your behalf.


  • Preparation of the HAZOP study based on your planning documents
  • Management of the HAZOP meetings with your team members
  • Summary of the results of the meetings in a prepared study
  • Support for your employees in implementing the measures defined

You can find our more information in our flyer on the subject.

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