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CE marking according to the Machinery Directive

Operators and investors

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (MD) defines the prerequisites under which machinery and partly completed machinery may be made available on the market or put into operation for the first time in the European Economic Area (EEA). In principle, the MD is intended for the manufacturer. Due to the linking of (incomplete) machines with a superordinate control system to form a plant or due to modifications to machines or plants after they have been put into operation, operators frequently also become so-called “self-manufacturers” in practice. Depending on each case, the manufacturer must affix the CE marking in accordance with the Machinery Directive (MD) to partly completed machinery or to machinery before it is made available on the market or before it is put into operation, and must prepare technical documentation, in particular the following documents:

  • Risk assessment
  • Assembly or operating instructions
  • Declaration of incorporation or EU / EC declaration of conformity

The Machinery Directive (MD) is also applicable to large industrial plants (e.g. those in the chemical industry). These plants can usually be divided into individual functional units related to production and safety.


CE coordination

  • Contract design within the procurement process
  • Research into guidelines and standards
  • Evaluation of supplier documentation


  • Product classification
  • Implementation / moderation of risk assessments
  • Templates for assembly and operating instructions
  • Preparation of EU / EC declarations of conformity / declarations of incorporation
  • Expert opinions on the interlinking of machinery
  • Evaluation of modifications regarding a “significant change”
  • Verification of the safety features and mathematical validation of the performance level (PL)


  • Fundamentals of the Machinery Directive
  • Fundamentals of risk assessment (including MBT-RAT)
  • Mathematical validation of the performance level (PL) with the SISTEMA software

The weyer group will consult and support you in implementing the Machinery Directive and obtaining the CE marking for your plant.

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