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PAKO – Software solution for capturing project processes and account assignments

Plant planners and manufacturers

PAKO is used to manage proposal and project data and for time recording and accounting. PAKO a software solution for capturing project workflows and account assignments and is an ideal program for service providers to monitor project workflows and control costs.

Project management forms the basis of the web-based program. Unique project numbers, budget data, a detailed calculation and other essential information about the project can be entered and tracked here. To this end, all employees record the hours they have worked in PAKO and assign them to the corresponding projects. The remaining project budget minus the stated travel expenses is then calculated directly using the hourly rates stored in the application.

This exact recording of hours and account assignment allows the utilisation of these employees on the project and their working hours to be viewed subsequently over the personnel administration module. Capacity planning provides an extension to this function. Employees can organise their working hours here in advance to identify and prevent bottlenecks or gaps in capacity utilisation at an early stage. As a software solution for capturing project processes and making account assignments, PAKO offers a wide range of options.

A flexitime account can also be controlled over the time recording module. Many companies offer their employees flexitime to compensate for bridge days or fluctuations in orders. Lime managers can view the current flexitime balance for their employees and manage various working hours models.

The program also comes equipped with an extensive customer management module. In addition to the names of customers and their addresses, contact persons can be captured along with their contact details and assigned to individual employees so that contact can be maintained. This module also has search functions and a note function for marketing campaigns (e.g. newsletters, Christmas cards etc.).

All PAKO modules are managed by assigning rights. This means that employees only see the functions they need to perform their work.

Overview of functions

  • Proposal and project management
  • Time recording
  • Travel and ancillary expenses management
  • Invoice management
  • Customer management
  • HR data management
  • Rights management
  • Building of reference lists
  • Basic data capture (e.g. standard hourly rates, public holidays)
  • Reports


  • Transparent budget tracking and project planning
  • Increase the transparency of your operational processes
  • Reduced administrative work
  • Improvement in claims management
  • Optimisation of accounting
  • Quick overview of customer contacts
  • Improvement in the external presentation to banks
  • Web-based access (device and operating system independent)
weyer special: PAKO – Project processes and account assignments

For consulting and engineering companies, the recording of employees’ working hours and their assignment to the commissioned projects is an essential part of internal organisation. How many hours and additional costs can be charged to which customer? How high is the workload of individual employees? Which project and which employee contributes in which way to the economic success of the company? These are just a few of the many questions that the management of a consulting company must constantly ask itself…

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