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Cyber security in plant security

Plant planners and manufacturers

New threats in addition to functional safety requirements

IT and the networking of different systems with one another – the Internet of Things – represents one of the central topics of our time – not only from the point of view of developers, but also with regard to IT security and data protection in the area of plant security. However, besides the many positive effects of these new achievements in digitalisation, the negative developments are also becoming clearer. Attacks by hackers on networked systems occur time and time again, resulting in the need for the legislator to now include cyber security in some operator and manufacturer-related laws.

Thanks to our long-term experience in process engineering and functional safety at the weyer group and the wide-ranging branch knowledge of graduate engineer Thomas Käfer, Dipl.-Ing., M.Sc. (sworn expert for information processing systems and applications), our interdisciplinary team can offer you support in the area of plant IT security.

Cyber security services

  • Plant Inspection
  • Review of documents and records
  • Drawing up of a system map
  • Preparation of a risk analysis
  • Derivation of recommendations for action
  • Advice and support during implementation of the measures
  • Training for your employees

The legal bases for the analysis are formed by:

You can find further services from the weyer group in relation to the Accident Ordinance here.

Our Team

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Manfred Schulte

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