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Management system for industrial plants (MFI)

Plant planners and manufacturers

The “Management system for industrial plants (VFI)” is a database application that ensures the transparent capture, management and documentation of all approvals, permits, licenses, ancillary provisions and deadlines for your plants.
The web-based software solution can be used for all plants requiring approval. Operations manager, HSE managers or those responsible for approvals and plant safety work with the VFI. The VFI application is extremely useful if your company has grown historically or has multiple locations and large data volumes exist as a result.

The advantages for you

  • Quick capture of all relevant data
  • All documents in one place
  • Transparent overview of the approval situation
  • All verification dates at a glance
  • Responsibilities are recorded
  • Plant-related knowledge is documented
  • Searched for data is found quickly
  • Documentation and tracking of identified defects
  • Dispatch of email reminders to individual contacts
  • Compliance support
  • Web-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere over a browser
  • Fixed monthly flat fee guarantees transparent costs


  • Provision of the software incl. backups
  • Support and enhancement of the software incl. updates
  • Digitisation and setup of your documents in the system
  • Maximum data security at a regional data centre equipped with redundant systems and compliance with the latest
  • data protection standards
  • Comprehensive support

The cooperation process

Set up of the system

The customer hands over all the approval notices or we collect them for him on site. We then capture all the approval, permits, licenses and ancillary provisions in the database. We also enter all subsequent approvals and ancillary provisions etc – cost-neutral covered by the current monthly flat fee.

Receipt of the access credentials and employee training

We then provide the client with their access credentials and training. The user is in the position to operate the database independently at the end of the training. Should any questions turn up later, the client can contact our friendly support team at any time.

Settings by the client

The client then enters the dates against the approvals that have relevant deadlines and the ancillary provisions and specifies who is responsible for the timely and proper compliance with the verification dates (with their name and email address). After that, the system is ready to go and users automatically receive emails when something needs to be done.


weyer special: Management system for industrial plants (MFI)

Plant operators are obliged to implement all permit conditions and to have all permit documents available at all times, e.g. within the framework of environmental inspections. However, especially in the case of larger and older plants, the necessary documents such as permit notices and the associated permit applications are often stored decentrally and inconsistently. There is no reliable overview of which ancillary provisions have been implemented and which check has to be carried out for which part of the plant, when and by whom…

Download weyer special here
weyer spezial zum Thema VFI

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