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Construction revision and controlling

Operators and investors

We provide private and public authority owners and construction companies with support in the area of construction inspections and controlling to ensure the timely tracking of cost, financing, quality and deadline developments, and in the detection of undesirable developments and the initiation of countermeasures.

We take the project-specific task into account by assembling a bespoke team of experts. In the case of special questions (e.g. legal aspects), we deliver our services in cooperation with BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, and other specialists.


  • Verification of procurement practices on behalf of state institutions (audit offices, ministries, etc.)
  • Management of tenders from contracting authorities and private clients
  • Supervision of construction work and performance of the construction controlling
  • Advisory and support in setting up in-house construction controlling
  • Implementation of construction revisions to uncover “system errors”
  • Advice and support in setting up an in-house construction revision

The benefit to you

  • Cost, quality and deadline assurance for current and future projects
  • Early detection of undesirable developments
  • Increased project transparency
  • Preparation of effective process flows for the safe control of construction measures
  • Effective risk prevention
  • Corruption prevention
weyer special: Construction revision

Larger construction projects require high investment sums. It is therefore essential for both private and public building owners to monitor cost, quality and schedule developments promptly. Undesirable developments must be identified at an early stage so that effective countermeasures can be initiated if necessary. A risk-oriented construction audit is an effective instrument for analysing and optimising the relevant construction processes.

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weyer spezial zum Thema Baurevision

Our Team

Foto von Dr. Kai Steffens der BDO TUC GmbH und PROBIOTEC GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Kai Steffens

BDO Technik und Umweltconsulting
Foto von Andreas Graef der BDO AG

Dr. Andreas Graef

BDO Technik und Umweltconsulting


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