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Services provided by welding engineers

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Welding technology plays a very important role for users of welded components, as the end product must safely fulfil its assigned function. In order to be able to guarantee the safety of a welded joint, among other things, welding-related cracking and corrosion must be taken into account. A variety of aspects and interrelationships play an important role, such as base materials, filler materials, temperature, welding process, welding parameters, heat treatment and selection of suitable non-destructive testing methods.

Services provided by welding engineers

  • Determination of the qualifications of the welding manufacturer required by the respective regulations (e.g. AD 2000, DIN EN 13445, DIN EN 1090, ASME).
  • Checking the required welding documents for completeness and correctness before the start of production, such as welding procedure qualifications (WPQR), production weld tests, welding procedure specifications (WPS) and welder certificates (WPQ) with regard to materials, standards and regulations.
  • Verification of welding plans and traceability of welders
  • Determination/review of the test scope and test procedures
  • Determination/evaluation of the weld seam design on the basis of production drawings
  • Supervision of production or performance of interim acceptance tests and assessment of the work carried out on the basis of the welding and design documents provided (weld preparation and execution, heat treatment, compliance with dimensions and tolerances, surface treatment).
  • Accompanying or carrying out final inspections and checking NDT certificates (e.g. dye penetrant inspection, X-ray inspection, ultrasound inspection) for correctness and completeness

Our welding engineers can also advise and support you with repair work or modifications to existing welded joints.

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