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Measurement of balance sheet provisions

Operators and investors

We support contracting authorities and private companies in the revision of their requirements and the measurement of risk provisions.


The benefit to you

  • Close integration of the technical, legal and economic evaluations of dismantling and follow-up control obligations
  • Updated expert evaluations of alternative courses of action
  • Merged documentation of the results to provide an overall perspective
  • for direct use in preparing your annual financial statements
  • Increase in the certainty of statements provided to the authorities, supervisory bodies and the public

Our Team

Foto von Dr. Kai Steffens der BDO TUC GmbH und PROBIOTEC GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Kai Steffens

BDO Technik und Umweltconsulting
Foto von Andreas Graef der BDO AG

Dr. Andreas Graef

BDO Technik und Umweltconsulting