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Exhaust air cleaning

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The development of exhaust air purification concepts, especially for the central treatment of several exhaust air streams, leads to a variety of questions, dependencies and conflicting goals, all of which relate to exhaust air purification. In addition to the legally compliant cleaning of exhaust air to stay within the applicable limit values, the focus here is placed on issues relating to the operational availability of the exhaust air purification system, its influence on the safety concept for the connected systems and energy efficiency and economy. All of these questions need to be clarified conclusively as early as possible as part of a concept. Once the concept development phase is completed, the next step always involves selecting the optimal exhaust air purification process including the associated safety concept, based on the total of all the criteria to be applied.

Decisive factors included in an assessment not only include the investment and operating costs but also a technically reliable implementation. An exhaust air collection system or exhaust gas collection system to which batch process plants are connected behaves differently than a system into which exhaust gas flows from continuously operating processes. If the resulting waste gas volume flows are to be fed into an incineration plant, different processes are available including thermal afterburning, catalytic afterburning and regenerative afterburning.

Each of these methods has its own advantages compared with the others. All aspects need to be recorded here to determine the technical feasibility and usefulness of the technology to be used. The following criteria are particularly important here:

  • Loading with hydrocarbons that contribute to the energy contribution during combustion
  • Lower and upper explosion limits
  • Catalyst poisons
  • Fluctuations in the gas volume flow
  • Fluctuations in the range of organic loads
  • Representation of the aforementioned fluctuations over time

The individual combustion processes are then assessed on the basis of an essential analysis of the exhaust system.

Other processes also available in addition to combustion of course. Examples include absorption, adsorption, condensation and membrane systems. The areas of application for these are very limited here however. They show their advantages in situations where, for instance, the exhaust gas only contains one or only a few components and the process can separate them out with reasonable effort. Such processes are subjected to closer examination in particular, if substances are to be recovered from the exhaust gas, as is often the case, for example, with solvent recovery.

New exhaust gas flows from modified or new process plants that are connected to the exhaust system should not be underestimated. . It is absolutely necessary to re-evaluate the whole system to this end. There can be a significant impact, especially in the area of safety technology and as a part of this especially in the area of explosion protection.


  • Calculation of the exhaust air flow data and the design basis
  • Selection of the exhaust air purification process
  • Classification of potentially explosive areas
  • Preparation of the explosion protection concept
  • Preparation of enquiry specifications and support during the award procedure
  • Cost estimates
  • Support for commissioning and installation
weyer special: Exhaust air cleaning

When developing modern exhaust air purification concepts, a large number of criteria must be taken into account. On the one hand, the applicable limit values have been tightened by the legislator, on the other hand, production must not be disturbed by the installation and operation of the exhaust air purification system. Ultimately, today – more than ever – there is a focus on the economic efficiency of the processes used…

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