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Concept development

Operators and investors

Every project starts with an idea, and how the idea can be turned into reality is established during development of the concept in the concept development phase. Primarily, this includes the selection of the optimal process that is best suited from an economic, environmental and safety aspect.
At the end of the concept development phase, the process is finalised with the associated core documents, such as the mass and energy balance, process flow diagrams and layout sketches along with an initial cost estimate. In this project phase in particular, the use of simulation tools has become an integral part and has proven itself in many projects.

Services during the concept development phase

  • New plant planning/new plant component planning/new plant area planning
  • Optimisation and expansion of existing plants/plant components
  • Determination of basic data and recording of process engineering operations
  • Selection of the best process
  • Preparation of mass and energy balances
  • Preparation of process flow diagrams
  • Process simulation
  • Preparation of a rough cost estimate
  • Preparation of a rough schedule
weyer special: engineering

For our customers, engineering services of the weyer group mean an integrated support during the complete processing time of a project, from the process development according to the requirements, the design of the machines and apparatuses up to the securing of the legal requirements for construction and operation of the plant. Especially the management of authorities offered by the weyer group gives our customers the necessary planning security, as possible cost positions, e.g. in the field of plant safety, can be identified at an early stage.

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weyer spezial zum Thema Engineering

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