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Training and e-learning

Operators and investors

As part of the weyer group, weyer akademie gmbh offers various training and e-learning courses on operator and manufacturer-related subjects. Our portfolio ranges from in-house training courses on CE markings in accordance with the Machinery Directive and water protection training courses, to open seminars and events where opinions and experiences are exchanged.

We tailor our in-house training courses perfectly to your needs at all times. Our experts tailor each training course to your company, for example, on health and safety at work. Our e-learning toolcan be used in a support role or exclusively here. The user is guided through the online lessons, which use text, images and videos to explain the topic and contents. A test can be performed at the end of the course and a certificate obtained once the participant has passed the test.

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We also offer practical instruction in addition to our theoretical courses. For example in the area fire protection, planned evacuation drills using real smoke and general practical exercises on how to use fire extinguishers properly are very helpful to your employees so that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

Training and e-learning courses

  • Water protection for installations and the AwSV in operational practice
  • The ATEX 1999/92/EC Operating Directive – the explosion protection document
  • ATEX 94/9/EC Product Directive
  • The design of safety valves with a single or two-phase blow-off
  • Fire protection for thermal waste treatment
  • CE marking according to the Machinery Directive
  • The SIL in practical use
  • Pipeline stress calculations
  • Handling hazardous substances – basics, classification & labelling according to the GHS/CLP
  • EN ISO 13849 Machine Control
  • Risk assessment for operational practice according to ArbSchG
  • Legal Compliance – Legal certainty in the company
  • Tank farms – basics for safe operation
  • Creation of individual training courses and content for your company

You can view our range of seminars on offer to the public here.

e-Learning - flexible online training

E-learning is an online platform on which your employees can take part in individual company training courses independent of time and location according to their personal learning and time commitments. To set up your company-specific course, we discuss the required contents together and thus create your personalised online training. The learning units can be interrupted at any time and continued later at the same place. …

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