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Risk assessment (RA) in accordance with the Operating Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) / Use of Work Equipment Directive (AM-VO)

Plant planners and manufacturers

As part of the risk assessment (RA), according to the German Health and Safety at Work Act or the evaluation according to the Austrian Occupational Safety and Health Act (ASchG) (see also Occupational Safety and Health), the employer is also obliged carry out an assessment of the respective hazards posed by the work equipment provided. The German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) and the Austrian Use of Work Equipment Directive (AM-VO) specify the requirements for the risk assessment (RA) of work equipment.

The hazards that arise need to be assessed before the work equipment is used – ideally during the planning phase before procurement – and the requisite and suitable protective measures derived from this.

All the hazards that can occur when work equipment is used need to be included in the assessment. Both the work equipment itself and the working environment as well as objects being worked on and the ergonomic relationships between them which make up the workplace are taken into account. Particular attention needs to be paid to foreseeable operational breakdowns and the state of the art of the application. Furthermore, aspects concerning the potential for manipulating work equipment, psychological stress and hazards encountered during maintenance work need to be examined. Last but not least, the findings from the workplace accident event need to be included in the risk assessment.

Inspections need to be carried out at regular intervals depending on the demands and requirements of the German Operating Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) or the Austrian Use of Work Equipment Directive (AM-VO). Installations that require monitoring (e.g. pressure equipment, installation in potentially explosive atmospheres) are especially subject to special regulations and inspections to be performed by competent persons or an approved monitoring body. The weyer group supports you with its many years of experience in preparing risk assessments (RA) in accordance with BetrSichV / AM-VO.


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