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Funding management: Research and applications for third-party funding

Public Sector

Urban development programs are an important driver of structural and urban development for towns and municipalities. We provide our clients with individual funding management support so that they can invest in their urban development and redevelopment measures at the highest possible level. Thanks to our proven cooperation with funding agencies from the German federal states, German federal government and the EU, we exploit all potential sources of funding creatively for the benefit of our clients and bring them to optimal use within the framework of funding management.

Services in funding management

  • Federal, state and EU funding research
  • Advice and specification of suitable third-party funds for the respective project
  • Support in establishing contact between clients and third-party funding sources
  • Completion of the funding application
  • Preparation for calling up the approved funding
  • Preparation of intermediate and final disposal reports
  • Controlling of how funds are used/project revision
weyer spezial: Urban development and urban planning

The basic conditions and prerequisites are always different in every municipality and in every neighbourhood and must therefore always be considered individually and in their interactions. And that’s what we are all about! Successful consulting in urban development means to show reliable and resilient solutions to the manifold questions and thus to work methodically and practically from one source. According to this philosophy, we offer with our interdisciplinary team of urban planners, architects…

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weyer spezial zum Thema Stadtentwicklung und Stadtplanung

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