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Tender management

Public Sector

In the area of the contract award process, contracting authorities are obliged to apply numerous regulations. In addition to budgetary regulations and ministerial decrees, extensive regulations pertaining to public procurement law need to be observed regardless of the type of services to be awarded. If these regulations are not applied consistently or their application not carefully examined, both the project managers and project as a whole are subject to risk in addition to the risk that the funds will be used inefficiently.

By bundling the technical, commercial and legal expertise we have available for use through our network, we are able to offer contracting authorities comprehensive advice and project support.

Tender management

The often complex technical and legal requirements as well as constantly changing regulations brought about by new EU directives, national legislation and jurisprudence make it difficult for contracting authorities to keep up to constant date with current regulations. The procurement process also ties up human resources which are then lacking in day-to-day business. Our long-term experience and day-to-day routine with handling procurement procedures makes us able to offer contracting authorities a comprehensive range of tender management services.


  • Determination of the correct award procedure
  • Organisation and coordination of the award procedure
  • Ensuring compliance with all deadlines and information requirements
  • Development of project-specific criteria catalogues for evaluating participation requests and proposals
  • Evaluation of participate requests and proposals
  • Organisation and implementation of bidder talks
  • Complete and traceable documentation of all process steps
  • Advice on all project-related questions according to public procurement law, price law and technical requirements

Review of the assignment of public contracts

The examination of awards can be carried out as an accompanying examination or as a follow-up review. During the accompanying examination, the procedure is analysed and evaluated in a timely manner in sections. If discrepancies occur, recommendations are made for further action. The advantage of this is that the design of the award procedure can be influenced in order to avoid any procedural errors.

A follow-up review (ex post) first takes place once the entire procedure has been completed. Procedural errors can be identified and the results transferred to future projects, but a correction can no longer be made during the current project.


  • Accompanying Examination
  • Optimisation of the procedure by promptly checking the steps in the procedure before the next section is started
  • Monitoring of compliance with all procurement-related requirements
  • Advisory on all project-related questions
  • Follow-up review (ex-post examination)
  • Analysis of all process steps
  • Detection of irregularities
  • Recommendations for future projects

Analysis and optimisation of the client’s procurement system

This range of services includes a general examination and evaluation of the procurement processes. The procurement processes are recorded, analysed and evaluated based on selected individual cases.

The aim here is to optimise the procurement processes and avoid by procedural errors by applying clear and binding regulations.


  • Examination of the basic approach to procurement
  • Analysis of risks and weaknesses
  • Recommendations for optimisation and risk minimisation
  • Development of internal procurement guidelines to define procedures and responsibilities
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In the area of the contract award process, contracting authorities are obliged to apply numerous regulations. Irrespective of the type of services to be awarded, the extensive provisions of public procurement law must be observed in addition to budgetary regulations and ministerial decrees…

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