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Approval Management

Plant planners and manufacturers

The realisation of industrial and commercial projects generally requires an environmental permit. It is important for the plant operator to obtain the permit quickly here and under conditions that are as cost-effective as possible. The weyer group can provide you with exactly the support you need in managing your permit and approval applications.

Our team of specialists and experts supports you in processing environmental approval and permit procedures in the various legal areas involved, such as procedures under the Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG) and water and mining law.

We offer you individual solutions for your approval procedures tailored to your specific needs, ranging from preparing expert reports to compiling applications and support during the entire approval procedure.

The approval situation can often be diverse and confusing, particularly in the case of the historical growth of plants subject or industrial parks. To simplify this, we have developed a user-friendly documentation programme for managing all the documents relevant to approval law. This means that all the documents that your project managers, authorities and audit experts need are easily accessible at all times. This greatly simplifies the management of approvals for your internal processes.

Find out more here about VFI, the management system for industrial plants.


  • Analysis of your approval situation
  • Advisory on the approval process
  • Support for the applicant in dealing with the authorities
  • Preparation of the application documents including the requisite expert reports
  • Examination of approval notices and advisory on the implementation of secondary provisions
  • Performance of the completeness and plausibility check
  • Coordination of planners, experts and applying parties
weyer special: Approval Management

The realisation of industrial and commercial projects generally requires an environmental permit. It is important for every plant operator to obtain these permits without delays and without cost-intensive ancillary provisions. Our team of specialists and experts supports you in the processing of approval and licensing procedures in the various legal areas…

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weyer spezial zum Thema Genehmigungsmanagement

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