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Water protection for installations (AwSV)

Operators and investors

Substances hazardous to water are used in practically all commercial and industrial plants – this makes water protection (according to AwSV) is an important part of a successful plant operation. Requirements for its handling are specified in numerous legal and technical regulations, such as the Federal Water Act (WHG), the Ordinance on installations for handling substances hazardous to water (AwSV) and the Technical rules for substances hazardous to water (TRwS). The application of these rules and their implementation in operational practice is a core competence of the weyer group.

  • The two companies horst weyer und partner and weyer IngenieurPartner are recognised expert organisations in accordance with Sec. 52 Ordinance on installations for handling substances hazardous to water (AwSV).

Our AwSV experts perform initial and recurring inspections of SFT (“Store, Fill, Transfer”) and MTU (“Manufacture, Treat, Use”) plants as well as biogas plants based on the aforementioned requirements We develop test concepts for complex systems and create relevant expert reports and opinions on all questions relating to plant-related water protection, e.g. in the context of planning projects and approval procedures.

Water protection for plants in practice

We work with you to develop water protection concepts whose central aspect involves avoiding and detecting leaks or overfills and retaining water-polluting substances and, if applicable, firefighting water. For legacy plants, we also support you with efficient plant refurbishment and retrofitting. We also prepare all types of permit and approval applications subject to water law and operational documentation.


  • One-off and recurring AwSV test
  • Relevant expert reports and opinions
  • Water protection concepts and planning requirements
  • Creation and optimization of test concepts for complex systems
  • Verification of the completeness and plausibility of supplier and specialist company documentation
  • Classification and delimitation of AwSV installations
  • Development of renovation and retrofit concepts including a technical-economic comparison of alternatives
  • Renovation and retrofit concepts for legacy systems
  • Applications for approval and meetings with authorities
  • AwSV operating instructions and plant register
  • Classification of water-polluting substances and mixtures
  • Seminars and in-house training
weyer special: Water protection

Water is essential for all life. Keeping water clean as drinking or process water and preserving aquatic ecosystems is therefore a central task of environmental protection. Plant-related water protection, i.e. the safe handling of substances hazardous to water in the industrial and commercial sector, is a core competence of the weyer group…

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