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Colloquium 2020 of the weyer group

#colloquiumgoesdigital: This was the first digital colloquium of the weyer group on the topic “Cyber Security of production plants and machines

878 494 Juri Lasse Raffetseder

Only about three months ago we were planning an ordinary colloquium of the weyer group. It was to take place on 18 June 2020 at Schillingspark in Düren as in the previous 30 years: Numerous customers and business partners were…

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Gastbeitrag Manfred Wientjes

Guest article: Pressure drop investigations in the exhaust gas system of a large petrochemical plant

878 494 Juri Lasse Raffetseder

Dipl. – Ing. Manfred Wientjes, former head of process engineering at horst weyer und partner gmbh, has published a guest article in CHEManager. This is about the results of a customer project on pressure drop investigations in the exhaust system.…

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Martin Wundram in the role of a hacker – How do you break through an IT security system? Colloquium 2020

878 494 Juri Lasse Raffetseder

Am 18. Juni 2020 findet zum 17. Mal das Kolloquium der weyer gruppe statt. Veranstaltungsort ist jedoch diesmal nicht der denkmalgeschützte Schillingspark in Düren-Gürzenich, zwischen Aachen und Köln, sondern das Internet. Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie hat die weyer gruppe umgeplant und…

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Corona and Digitization Article series

Bitkom survey on industry 4.0: Germany’s factories become more digital

878 494 Maresa Matejit-Papka

This is part six of our article series “The Corona Crisis as a Driver of Digitization”. Read the other parts of the article series here. The digitization of German industrial companies is continuing to advance: production plants are increasingly networked,…

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Industrial plant with four guard stones

On-site appointments during the pandemic: our concept

878 494 Juri Lasse Raffetseder

After our last article – on the subject of plant testing in times of Corona – we present to you today our concept for on-site appointments during the pandemic. The health of our customers* and employees* is our top priority.…

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