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Gastbeitrag Manfred Wientjes

Guest article: Pressure drop investigations in the exhaust gas system of a large petrochemical plant

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Dipl. – Ing. Manfred Wientjes, former head of process engineering at horst weyer und partner gmbh, has published a guest article in CHEManager. This is about the results of a customer project on pressure drop investigations in the exhaust system. The whole thing took place within a large petrochemical plant:

Continuous changes in production facilities over years and decades are part of the everyday life of a production site. Plants are optimised, expanded, operated with new products and have to comply with and adapt to new legal guidelines.

Higher-level supply and disposal facilities are often also affected, as they supply the individual operating materials, such as cooling water, steam, etc., or receive and process waste gas flows. These systems, in turn, are centralised, so that any change in the process plants can also have an influence on these areas.

Flow rate changes of various exhaust gas flows

Horst Weyer und Partner recently supported a client in investigating the influence of volume flow changes of various waste gas flows from production plants and tank ventilations on the entire waste gas network, which is distributed over the large plant premises of the petrochemical processing plants and tank farms. The central hub was the convergence of all waste gas flows upstream of a compressor station, from where they are fed for further treatment.

A gasometer is integrated into the system to control larger fluctuations in the total volume of the exhaust gas flows. For the various investigations, it was necessary to map the entire pipeline network in a simulation programme. For this purpose, the customer’s existing pipeline isometrics were used and the pipeline lengths, number of bends and shut-off valves were determined for each pipeline section. The network was then simulated accordingly in the simulation model and provided with the required data…

Hereyou can read the full article free of charge: “Pressure drop investigations in the exhaust system of a large petrochemical plant”.

Hereyou can download the complete article as a PDF file.

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