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On-site appointments during the pandemic: our concept

878 494 Juri Lasse Raffetseder

After our last article – on the subject of plant testing in times of Corona – we present to you today our concept for on-site appointments during the pandemic. The health of our customers* and employees* is our top priority. We take their protection seriously and take responsibility.

First of all, the condition applies that all persons participating in the appointment must agree to the arrangement of a visit and must not show any symptoms of illness.

Our employees strictly follow the hygiene guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute and we also ask our customers to adhere to these guidelines. Since the situation can change on a daily basis, we regularly check the official orders and adapt our concept flexibly to them.

In addition to the above conditions we align our daily work with the following regulations:

  1. In individual cases we agree with the customer in order to check whether necessary plant inspections or visual tests can be replaced by alternative methods, for example through photos or live streams.
  2. As a matter of principle we do not offer on-site appointments in international risk areas and in particularly affected areas in Germany.
  3. We travel to customer appointments exclusively by car. We will avoid public transport in the near future.
  4. Our cars are only used by a maximum of two employees used simultaneously.
  5. We try to combine time management with our customers. For this purpose we discuss with the customer in advance which activities are planned and how they should be prepared In particular we try to avoid waiting times.
  6. If customers usually require a more complex registration procedure, for example a safety briefing, we will clarify in advance whether we can also do this online from the office can perform.
  7. The number of contact persons – at meetings and during plant inspections – we try to minimise and, if possible, to to restrict one person. Here we keep the recommended minimum distance of at least one and a half meters.

With these measures we protect our customers and employees and at the same time contribute to the general safety of plant and machinery.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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*To simplify the flow of reading, we have used the masculine form of the word in the text. However, all genders are meant.