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KAS-18 Expertise for biogas plants

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KAS-18 Expertise for biogas plants


Within the determination of appropriate safety distances for a biogas plant we offer

  • Determination of possible effects on the adjacent use in need of protection
  • Consideration of all substances handled in the operational area in accordance with Annex I StörfallV (carrying out the impact assessment with a representative selection of substances)
  • Consideration of the requirements of Art. 13 Seveso III Directive
  • Consideration of the recommendations for a case-by-case assessment (according to chapters 3 and 4 of the KAS-18 guidelines in conjunction with chapter 1 KAS-32 of the Commission for Plant Safety)
  • Consideration of the pressure due to a gas cloud explosion, the heat radiation resulting from a free jet flame and the toxic effect of a biogas leakage as assessment values
  • Consideration of existing documents (e.g. accident concept, measurement logs) for the existing operating area and planning documents for the new facility
  • Preparation of a plan showing the appropriate safety distance

The coordination of the documents required for processing and the definition of representative scenarios is done by telephone or e-mail.

The discussion of the draft expert opinion with the parties involved also takes place by telephone or e-mail.

If required, we can take over the determination and evaluation of any necessary compensation measures. We will be happy to make you an offer.


The procurement of the required documents (e.g. incident concept, measurement reports) for the operating area is carried out by the client. You can find a detailed list in our offer.

Furthermore, we assume that with regard to the events on which the individual case consideration is to be based, the necessary information on substances relevant to incidents and safety-relevant plant components can be taken from the documents and need not be determined by the employee.

The processing period of three weeks only begins after all necessary documents have been handed over to horst weyer und partner gmbh.

Additional services

On-site appointments are difficult to implement in the current situation. Despite the possibility of video inspections, a plant inspection without an on-site appointment is always difficult and certainly only useful in individual cases. We will continue – under certain conditions – to visit your facility even in the current situation. Please refer to our internal guidelines as to which requirements must be met for such an inspection. Here you will find the corresponding concept.


Processing time: 3 weeks
(from receipt of all necessary documents)

Executive member of the weyer gruppe:
horst weyer und partner gmbh

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