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Consulting services water protection

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Consulting services water protection

Within the scope of the services listed below, the experts of the weyer group typically carry out the following work, taking into account the operational processes and functionalities, the requirements of the regulations and on the basis of our relevant and practical experience with comparable systems:

  • Conducting an initial meeting with the client, in particular to coordinate the scope and content of our services
  • Evaluation of the documents and information on the planned service already available at the client
  • Creation of checklists with the documents and information required for the respective service
  • Support of the client in the procurement of still missing documents and data
  • Demarcation of individual AwSV systems including Definition of the interfaces and classification of the plants into hazard levels
  • Advice during planning and implementation with regard to the fulfilment of water law requirements
  • Support in the creation or amendment of plant documentation in accordance with AwSV)
  • Support in the preparation of AwSV operating instructions or information sheets according to AwSV
  • Coordination or discussion of expert opinions or concepts with clients and the responsible authorities


Expert opinion

In the context of the implementation of regulatory requirements and further measures, the weyer group provides expert opinions and expert bases in water protection. This includes, for example, the classification and allocation of AwSV systems, assessment of safety precautions or proof of the resistance and tightness of restraint systems.

Classification of substances hazardous to water and hazard levels

On the basis of the AwSV we determine the water hazard class (WGK) of mixtures from the information on individual substances. With the help of the water hazard class and the plant demarcation we can determine the hazard levels according to § 39 AwSV. In addition, we carry out demarcations of water-polluting substances from media of other legal areas, in particular waste water.

Water protection and maintenance concepts

Together we develop, with reference to your operational processes, water protection and maintenance concepts with the central aspects:

  • Avoidance of leaks and overfilling
  • Detection and reporting of leaks
  • Retention of substances hazardous to water and fire-fighting water.

Furthermore, we accompany the implementation of the concepts with our sound engineering know-how.

Plant refurbishment and retrofitting

The weyer gruppe also creates practical renovation and retrofitting concepts with special consideration of cost-efficient solutions. In this context

  • we determine the need for action,
  • draw up catalogues of measures with urgency assessment,
  • carry out cost estimates and
  • provide assistance in the selection of suppliers and technical systems.
Operational documentation

Taking into account the requirements of legal and technical regulations, we prepare AwSV plant documentation, AwSV operating instructions and leaflets, alarm, monitoring and maintenance plans, practice checklists as well as customer-specific building regulations and guidelines for water protection.

On-site appointments

On-site appointments are difficult to implement in the current situation. Despite the possibility of video inspections, a plant inspection without an on-site appointment is always difficult and certainly only useful in individual cases. We will continue – under certain conditions – to visit your facility even in the current situation. Please refer to our internal guidelines as to which requirements must be met for such an inspection. Here you will find the corresponding concept.


Processing time: 4 weeks
(from receipt of all necessary documents)

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