Within the updating of safety reports we offer the following services:

  • Review of the site description and its environment and adaptation of changes
  • Review of the substance register and safety-relevant areas
  • Inspection of the plant technology (e.g. structural engineering, mechanical equipment, electrical supply and process control technology, operating equipment and disposal system, protection zones)
  • Determination and analysis of the risks of major accidents (operational hazards and conditions for major accidents, environmental hazards, traffic hazards, natural hazards, unauthorised intervention, measures to prevent major accidents, determination of possible effects of major accidents)
  • Limiting the effects of major accidents

Services of the client

  • Information concerning changes to the safety management system
  • Information regarding changes to the site and its surroundings (equipment list, current R&Is, process descriptions, plant descriptions)
  • Information regarding the substance register (substance list with quantity specifications and hazard warnings, equipment list with maximum quantity specifications)
  • Hazard source assessment or HAZOP with regard to process engineering with information on safety-related plant components (e.g. Z-circuits, safety valves), information on changes in environmental, traffic-related, natural and operational hazard sources
  • Current fire protection report or information regarding possible changes, current explosion protection concept/document or information regarding possible changes, current information regarding water protection and environmental conditions (protection concepts regarding flood protection and earthquakes if applicable, heavy rain and wind loads)
  • Information regarding plant components and organisation for the prevention of incidents (e.g. alarm and hazard prevention plan, plant fire brigade, fire fighting, quantities of extinguishing water, protection of personnel, information regarding release certificates and contractors, etc.)
  • Current dispersion calculations and KAS-18 reports
  • current layout plans and R&Is, current zone plans, current drainage plan, current fire department plans including Emergency Stops


  • The coordination of the documents necessary for the processing and determination takes place by telephone or e-mail.
  • The draft is also discussed by telephone or e-mail.

Additional services

1. compilation of a list of substances with hazard characteristics of different input media

2. on-site appointments are difficult to implement in the current situation Despite the possibility of video inspections, a plant inspection without an on-site appointment is always difficult and certainly only useful in individual cases. We will continue – under certain conditions – to visit your facility even in the current situation. Please refer to our internal guidelines as to which requirements must be met for such an inspection. Here you will find the corresponding concept.