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Update of explosion protection document

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Update of explosion protection document


The explosion protection document is part of the risk assessment (§ 6 GefStoffV in conjunction with § 3 BetrSichV). It must show, among other things, that the explosion hazard has been determined and assessed and that adequate precautions have been taken to achieve the explosion protection objectives (discussed in the explosion protection concept).

The explosion protection document must be continuously updated in case of changes in the procedure, the safety concept and the current state of the art, e.g. in case of changes in the technical regulations or the legal basis.

Services of the contractor

The revision of your existing explosion protection document includes the following services in detail. The weyer gruppe will adapt the existing explosion protection document to the valid legal requirements and the current relevant regulations. In addition, installations, parts of installations or modes of operation not yet listed in the explosion protection document are supplemented and their assessment from the point of view of explosion protection. Finally, if necessary or available, we revise the explosion protection zone plans and deliver the revised explosion protection document with attachments in digital form.

Required documents

The documents required for processing are listed in detail in the offer. If you have any questions in advance, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

On-site appointments

On-site appointments are difficult to implement in the current situation. Despite the possibility of video inspections, a plant inspection without an on-site appointment is always difficult and certainly only useful in individual cases. We will continue – under certain conditions – to visit your facility even in the current situation. Please refer to our internal guidelines as to which requirements must be met for such an inspection. Here you will find the corresponding concept.


Processing time: 8 weeks
(from receipt of all necessary documents)

Executive member of the weyer gruppe:
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