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PAKO – Software solution for capturing project processes and account assignments

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PAKO – Software solution for capturing project processes and account assignments


PAKO is used to manage proposal and project data and for time recording and accounting. The software solution for recording project processes and account assignments is an optimal program for monitoring projects and controlling costs, especially for service providers. The program manages all project-specific data such as area of activity, budget, accounting status, customer allocation and payment deadlines.

Furthermore, you can display detailed calculations of projects (workload, service charges, third-party services) as well as project-related quality management.

The software is also used for personnel administration. This allows you to assign employee hours to individual projects (account assignment) and manage specific employee data (working hours, overtime, vacation, illness). The various working time models stored for the employees are automatically taken into account.

In addition to detailed analyses, you can create and edit project references and employee profiles from the collected data with just a few clicks.

Another essential part of the program is the management of customer data, CRM (company data, contact data, project-specific linking of data, creation of marketing lists) and the management of project settlements (invoices, cancellations, open item list, payment terms).

Using the differentiated rights management, specific rights can be assigned to each employee, so that everyone only sees the functions they actually use.

PAKO is multi-user capable and independent of the own IT infrastructure. The program can be used platform and location independent via your own browser.

In addition, several affiliated companies can be administrated commercially separately via PAKO.

Project management forms the basis of the web-based program. Unique project numbers, budget data, a detailed calculation and other essential information about the project can be entered and tracked here. To this end, all employees record the hours they have worked in PAKO and assign them to the corresponding projects. The remaining project budget minus the stated travel expenses is then calculated directly using the hourly rates stored in the application.

Services of the weyer gruppe

  • Provision of PAKO in a professional data center in Germany, which complies with the current standards for data security
  • Provision of telephone and electronic support during the contract period
  • Provision of program updates according to the booked program scope over the contract period
  • Basic setup of PAKO with regard to company-specific structures and employees
  • Settlement of a one-off flat-rate set-up fee
  • Monthly provisioning fee depending on the actual number of users


  • Internet access and standard web browser
  • To calculate an offer we need the following information:
    • Number of companies to be managed separately
    • Number of users

Additional services

  • Transfer of existing data on the basis of predefined data structures for billing according to expenditure



Processing time: 2 weeks

  • Proposal and project management
  • Time recording
  • Travel and ancillary expenses management
  • Invoice management
  • Customer management
  • HR data management
  • Rights management
  • Building of reference lists
  • Basic data acquisition (e.g. standard hourly rates, public holidays)
  • Reports

Executive member of the weyer gruppe:

Additional services

Transmission of existing data
(individual time expenditure)

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