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Management system for industrial plants (MFI)

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Management system for industrial plants (MFI)


MFI is an internet-based database application for the collection and management of essential, site-specific plant data for plant operators of all industries.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Clear representation of the plants per location in a structure tree
  • Registration of permits and ancillary provisions
  • Recording and tracking of dates (plant-related test dates, approval periods, auxiliary provision dates)
  • Detailed evaluations and search functions
  • Linking of documents (e.g. approval notices, test reports) to the existing data
  • Allocation of responsibilities
  • Email information to remind you of upcoming events
  • Differentiated rights management

MFI is multi-user capable and independent of the own IT infrastructure. You can use MFI platform and location independent via your own browser. The software is designed to process and manage any number of sites and facilities.

Services of the weyer gruppe

  • Provision of MFI in a professional data center in Germany that complies with current data security standards
  • Provision of telephone and electronic support during the contract period
  • Provision of program updates over the contract period
  • Basic set-up of MFI with regard to site-specific plant structures and staff
  • Registration of data from existing permit applications
  • Monthly provisioning fee depending on the number of locations, number of users and volume of data to be entered
  • Recording of data from new permit notices


  • Internet access and standard web browser
  • To calculate an offer we need the following information:
    • Number of sites
    • Number of users
    • Number of official letters and approval notices

Additional services

  • Transfer of data from existing systems on the basis of predefined data structures for billing according to expenditure


Processing time: 2 weeks

  • Provision of the software incl. backups
  • Support and enhancement of the software incl. updates
  • Digitisation and setup of your documents in the system
  • Maximum data security at a regional data centre equipped with redundant systems and compliance with the latest
  • data protection standards
  • Comprehensive support

Executive member of the weyer gruppe:

Additional services

Transmission of existing data
(individual time expenditure)

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