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e-Learning: Safety Instruction Factory Inspection

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e-Learning: Safety Instruction Factory Inspection


E-learning is an online platform on which your employees can attend individual company training courses independent of time and location according to their personal learning and time commitments.

The training tool “e-Learning” enables you to implement internal employee training or safety instructions for employees of external companies online. This means that your employees can attend training courses during their daily business or access them while on the road. As a result, you no longer need to arrange attendance appointments, which not only saves capacity but also increases your flexibility. In the case of external companies, the stay on site can be fully utilised and no further appointments are necessary before the work can start.

In order to set up your company-specific course, we discuss the required content together and thus create your personalized online training. The learning units can be interrupted at any time and continued later at the same place. The tool thus offers you and your employees the opportunity to train and learn individually, in the time frame that suits everyone best.


We do not provide general training in our tool: Each of our training courses is developed and implemented specifically for your purposes. We support you in creating the learning content and thus offer you an all-round service for your individual employee training.

By default, we assume for this service that safety instructions for external companies and visitors already exist for your location or locations. We then integrate these into our online tool and, if you wish, develop a short comprehension test to test the knowledge of the users. Of course it is also possible that we first develop a safety briefing for your site, which we then include in the tool. So if you do not have a safety briefing, please indicate this as an additional service at the bottom of the contact form. Our experts will clarify with you whether the preparation of a safety instruction is possible without contact.

So that you can better imagine the implementation of a safety instruction in our tool, we have already implemented extracts from such an instruction as examples. This is available to you free of charge for test purposes.

Simply register with e-Learning. The following two sample training courses are available here:


Classically, a course consists of several lessons, which in turn are divided into different topics. Finally, a test with control questions can be included to consolidate and confirm the knowledge. As proof that the training has been carried out, each participant receives a certificate, which can be downloaded at any time from the course overview. Once the training is created, you can access it permanently. This means that the training courses can be offered all year round, and even new employees or external companies can carry out necessary training at any time.


Processing time: 4 weeks
(from receipt of all necessary documents)

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Additional service

Additional creation of a safety briefing for a site if no safety briefing has already been created.

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