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Determination of the necessary chimney height

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Determination of the necessary chimney height


If you are planning a project in which new exhaust air sources are created or existing exhaust air sources are changed, it is necessary to determine the necessary stack height during the approval procedure.

To determine the required chimney height, a chimney height calculation is carried out according to the specifications of the currently valid Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) and the Ordinance on Medium-Sized Combustion, Gas Turbine and Internal Combustion Engine Installations (44. BImSchV), using the information sheet “Determining the Chimney Height”. This also includes an examination of the local conditions in the vicinity of the plant in order to be able to evaluate further requirements with regard to the undisturbed removal of the waste gases with the free air flow. The documentation of the determination of the necessary chimney height is done in an expert opinion.

Based on a checklist prepared by PROBIOTEC, the client and/or planner provides the data required for the calculation (flue gas volume flow, chimney diameter, emission data, building dimensions and site plan).

On request, the chimney height can also be calculated according to the already amended VDI 3781 Part 4 (environmental height requirements for the necessary chimney height). This is currently not yet legally binding, but can already be used as a source of information. The documentation of the chimney height calculation can either be prepared in a separate document or integrated into the chimney height report according to TA Luft / 44th BImSchV.

The following information is required to prepare an offer:
  • Address of the location
  • Description of the planned project (in particular type and number of exhaust sources)
  • Classification of the plant according to 13th / 17th or 44th BImSchV or TA Luft
  • Specification of the rated thermal input of each waste gas source
  • Indication of other nearby waste gas sources on the plant site
  • Indication whether a calculation according to the amended VDI 3781 part 4 should also be carried out


Processing time: 2 weeks
(from receipt of all necessary documents)

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