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Hydrogen as an energy store

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Many companies and private households want or need to become greener. To do so, they have many different options at their disposal. One of them is solar power, which is also becoming more and more popular in Austria, so that electricity generation from solar energy is steadily increasing. The use of photovoltaic systems is just as diverse. For example, PV systems can be mounted on industrial roofs or used as roofing for car parks. The only problem so far has been that surplus electricity could not be stored or could only be stored poorly and no energy was available when the sun was not shining. The new beacon of hope for the energy transition is a naturally occurring energy storage medium: hydrogen. If hydrogen can be produced with solar energy and the energy can thus be stored and made usable at a later time, this offers previously undreamed-of possibilities, not only in climate protection.

Process of energy storage from solar power and hydrogen

A customer of our site in Austria, As-U Gamerith-Weyer GmbH, has also recognised the potential and is planning to build a hydrogen plant that converts water into hydrogen by means of electrolysis using solar power. The plant consists of the main components of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen compression, refuelling and reconversion. It is secured with several safety devices against impermissible overpressure and gas leakage. As hydrogen is a flammable gas, a consideration of fireand explosion protection is required as part of the submission and, subsequently, the preparation of an operational explosion protection document in accordance with VEXAT §5 and the preparation of a fire protection concept.

AsU-Gamerith supports the client in particular through the following services:

  • Preparation of an explosion protection concept for the hydrogen plant, taking into account relevant rules and regulations
    • The structure of the concept is in accordance with VEXAT §5.
  • Preparation of an associated Ex-Zone Plan
  • Elaboration of a fire protection concept for the planned plant as part of the explosion protection concept.
  • Conversion of the explosion protection concept into an operational explosion protection document according to VEXAT §5 during commissioning of the plant (this includes the preparation of a detailed service instruction with organisational explosion protection measures and an acceptance protocol according to VEXAT §7).

If you are also considering storing unused energy using hydrogen, please contact us:

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