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Our Rhine-Main location has moved

1024 614 Juri Lasse Raffetseder

The Rhein Main office of horst weyer und partner gmbh has moved within its territory. The new address is:

Senefelderstraße Nr. 2a
63110 Rodgau

Of course, nothing will change in the usual project handling for the customers of the location and Dr. Zulauf will continue to provide you with the best advice.

Hereyou can find an interview with Mr Zulauf regarding the Rhine-Main location.

Do you have questions or need help with a project?
Please feel free to contact us:

Dr. Alexander Zulauf
horst weyer und partner gmbh
Dipl. Chemist | Head of Rhine-Main Office
Phone +49 6106 77 307 66
Mobile +49 152 – 24 01 67 23
e-mail a.zulauf@weyer-gruppe.com