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Explosion protection in the context of a ship loading in the chemical industry

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In our globalised world, it is essential to transport raw materials from the country of origin to the site of further processing in order to manufacture a wide variety of products. Around 90% of the cross-border trade in goods is transported by sea. The volume of chemicals transported increased annually and accounted for 2% of the total volume transported by ship in 2017. (Source: https://geohilfe.de/welthandel-seeweg-visualisiert/)

There are numerous risks and precautions that must be taken into account when loading goods onto ships. The goods to be transported must get onto the ship undamaged, the technology must work and all those present must be adequately protected. However, the risks increase if the goods to be loaded are chemical substances.

horst weyer und partner gmbh, a member of the weyer gruppe, was commissioned by a company in the chemical industry to inspect a ship loading with an explosion hazard. This was a recurring inspection in accordance with § 16 and Annex 2 Para. 3 No. 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. The legislator has set different minimum deadlines for the inspections. In addition, according to the law, the inspections must be initiated by the system operator without further request. The weyer group is happy to relieve you of this burden.

The inspection of ship loading could be divided into the following three topic blocks:

  1. First, the documents required for the audit were examined. Which documents were needed was explained in a prior consultation.
    When reviewing the documents in question, the weyer gruppe expert paid particular attention to the completeness and plausibility of the content.
  2. Subsequently, the plant was inspected. This was done with regard to the documents mentioned above.
    Is the system in a condition that complies with the BetrSichV? Can it be operated safely? etc.
  3. The third part of the audit involves assessing whether the previously defined technical and organisational measures are effective.

Finally, the test results were summarised in the test record. The content of the document was prepared on the basis of the documents and information provided and handed over to the satisfied customer.
In total, the processing took about a week.

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