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A handshake after a successful year of training

Field report: Training at the weyer group

878 494 Juri Lasse Raffetseder

On the first of August last year I started my apprenticeship at the weyer group as a merchant for marketing communication. I work for the horst weyer und partner gmbh. Now I have completed my first year of training and have already been able to gather a lot of experience.

In my application I was particularly attracted by the complexity of the group of companies and the international locations. I was fascinated by the many services offered on the website and at first I had difficulties to get an overview of everything. However, this may have been due to the slightly confusing and outdated website. I asked myself “What exactly does the weyer group do? I hardly had any experience in the consulting and engineering industry, but I was interested in marketing for business customers. I was also attracted by the topic “online marketing”, which should be the main part of my education.

After my job interview and a trial day in the marketing department, which I liked very much, I got the apprenticeship and accepted the offer. Over time, I gained a detailed insight into the group of companies and the services offered. I understood the company philosophy “everything from one source” and the slogan “allround.smart”. The first big task I worked on was the new website, which was launched in February this year. The question “How do you create an appealing website that clearly presents and explains all the services offered?” became the linchpin of my exciting first year of training.

In my questions and projects (also in relation to the vocational school) I was always actively supported by my colleagues. I was quickly assigned more responsible tasks without feeling helpless. Other positive points for me were the sense of community with the employees, for example in the break room, the sports facilities in the private Schillingspark and the flexible working hours.

Despite the ten independent companies, there are short decision-making paths within the group of companies, which is particularly advantageous in the area of marketing. In addition to creating websites, I built a sales platform, created web content, conducted customer surveys, was active in design and planned a customer event in Schillingspark together with my team.

But here the coronavirus put some stones in our way. Fortunately, the weyer group stood and stands stable even during the pandemic and showed great flexibility. We were quickly equipped with laptops and worked from our home office. Suddenly we had the demand to inform our customers about our hygiene concepts and the legal situation in the engineering and consulting area. Additionally we created and promoted a digital solution for contactless consulting services and converted our customer event into a digital event in form of a live stream.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my first year of training, am pleased with the variety of my work, the friendly atmosphere and am curious to see which projects are still waiting for me.

Chiara Jäschke