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Project management for land development

Public Sector

Successful project management in land development means taking into a multitude of factors into account equally and in parallel: On the one hand, meeting cost budgets and deadlines; on the other, safeguarding the conceptual and structural quality.

In view of this balancing act, project management in the area of land area development requires solid strategic planning from the start. By this we mean the comprehensive analysis of the current situation and identification of potential conflicts of interest within the project. The course of the overall process is predetermined and structured precisely in terms of quality, costs and deadlines. The development and establishment of customised communication structures, such as the creation of “workflows” also contributes to the successful management of a land development project.

Our interdisciplinary team supports you professionally, mediates between contracting authority and private-sector requirements and brings about binding and reliable results. We serve a wide range of functions in urban planning, planning law, development, contract law, controlling and communication with our project management for land development. By doing so, we ensure that the overall coordination of your project remains in one hand at all times.


  • Strategy Planning
  • Representation of the owner’s interests towards all project participants
  • Project control and management
  • Contract management
  • Responsibility for meeting costs, deadlines and quality Risk management
  • Communication and information management

The benefit to you

  • You receive comprehensive advice, ranging from advice on conceptual design and financing to the implementation and management of urban development processes and land development projects.
  • You are furnished with bespoke communication strategies and sensitive moderation services that contribute to the acceptance and implementation of your plans.
  • You benefit from our long-term experience in urban development, urban planning and climate and environmental protection.
  • If required within the scope of the project, you can also benefit from our legal cooperation network and other specialist planning capabilities, such as traffic planning and landscape planning etc.
weyer spezial: Urban development and urban planning

The basic conditions and prerequisites are always different in every municipality and in every neighbourhood and must therefore always be considered individually and in their interactions. And that’s what we are all about! Successful consulting in urban development means to show reliable and resilient solutions to the manifold questions and thus to work methodically and practically from one source. According to this philosophy, we offer with our interdisciplinary team of urban planners, architects…

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