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“In order to achieve sustainable success in the area of occupational health and safety and to systematically optimise it beyond the legal requirements, weyer gruppe supported us in planning an occupational health and safety management system certified according to ISO 45001. The official requirements and the proof of compliance with laws and regulations on environmental protection were systematically implemented with the help of an environmental protection management system according to ISO 14001. In order to develop an efficient solution that bundles all requirements in one central location, these two systems were combined into an integrated management system and supplemented by the already existing safety management system according to Annex III of the 12th BImSchV. The weyer gruppe implemented the planning of the integrated management system in a practical and results-oriented manner and will therefore also support us in the implementation of the management system.”

Christian Saul, Managing Director of ARA Biogas Brokenlande GmbH & Co. KG