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Procurement Processing

Plant planners and manufacturers

The procurement of machines and equipment in the course of a plant construction project and all other equipment places demands on the capacities in the area of technical purchasing (procurement handling). The weyer group can offer support services in both technical and commercial areas during this project phase as well.

Based on the specifications prepared in the course of detail engineering phase, we can place enquiries and obtain proposals for the corresponding supplies and services. After the technical-commercial examination of the offers, the weyer gruppe supports in the selection of the provider and the further coordination. Our range of services here also includes monitoring and recording the contract negotiations.


  • Preparation of order specifications
  • Submitting enquiries
  • Obtaining proposals
  • Technical-commercial comparison of offers
  • Development of a sound award recommendation
  • Participation in award negotiations
weyer special: engineering

For our customers, engineering services of the weyer group mean an integrated support during the complete processing time of a project, from the process development according to the requirements, the design of the machines and apparatuses up to the securing of the legal requirements for construction and operation of the plant. Especially the management of authorities offered by the weyer group gives our customers the necessary planning security, as possible cost positions, e.g. in the field of plant safety, can be identified at an early stage.

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weyer spezial zum Thema Engineering

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