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Detail Engineering

Plant planners and manufacturers

The detail engineering stage represents the last planning phase before the project is implemented. Whereas the process engineering planning for the plant is almost complete at the start of the detail engineering phase, the disciplines in EI&C and piping technology form the typical focal points for planning in this phase.

Everything required for constructing the plant or implementing the project is planned and specified in the detail engineering phase until it is ready to be ordered. Planning is usually based on 3D CAD systems, which contain mass extracts in the databases stored in them for all the components in the pipeline and the EI&C technology. The finished planned equipment is seamlessly passed on for procurement and the scheduling is extended, especially with regard to planning assembly sequences and assembly periods.


  • Pipeline planning
  • Layout planning
  • 3D planning
  • EMCR planning
  • Preparation of mass statements
  • Cost estimates
weyer special: engineering

For our customers, engineering services of the weyer group mean an integrated support during the complete processing time of a project, from the process development according to the requirements, the design of the machines and apparatuses up to the securing of the legal requirements for construction and operation of the plant. Especially the management of authorities offered by the weyer group gives our customers the necessary planning security, as possible cost positions, e.g. in the field of plant safety, can be identified at an early stage.

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