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Commissioning Support

Plant planners and manufacturers

Once all the assembly work is completed, the last step before commencing normal production operations involves starting up the system.

The weyer group offers supporting services in this phase too, such as support for all the functional tests required and cold and hot commissioning. As a matter of course, the real process parameters are compared with the values previously defined in the planning and, if desired, the system is qualified/validated.


  • Support during the functional tests
  • Planning the commissioning phase
  • Determination of key process parameters for the commissioning phase
  • Monitoring of the process parameters
  • Qualification/validation

Our Team

Foto von Gerd Matthies der Weyer Ingenieurpartner

Gerd Matthies

weyer IngenieurPartner
Foto von Friedrich Bezdekovsky der Horst Weyer und Partner gmbh

Friedrich Bezdekovsky

horst weyer und partner

Dr. Florian Merkel

horst weyer und partner
Employee photo of Andrzej Kedziora of Weyer Polska Sp. z.o.o.

Andrzej Kędziora

Weyer Polska Sp. z o. o.
Employee photo of Frank Sutter of Weyer und Partner (Schweiz) AG

Frank Sutter

Weyer und Partner (Schweiz)
Platzhalte Mitarbeiterfotos

Britta Engelhardt

CTE Chemietechnik-Engineering