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Basic Engineering

Plant operators and investors

Once the process engineering concept for plant expansion or the construction of a new plant has been determined, the basic engineering can commence. In the basic engineering phase, the results of the concept phase are checked again and detailed and the process engineering planning of the plant is brought to a conclusion during this phase.

In particular, the trades that have not yet been worked on or only superficially worked on in the concept phase, such as e.g. B. EI&C technology or pipeline planning are initially processed as part of the basic engineering. Typically, equipment with longer lead times (long lead items) and larger package units are already scheduled during the basic engineering phase so that they are ready to order so as to avoid delays later on in the planning process. A schedule and cost estimate are also drawn up at the end of this phase as well as at the end of each planning phase.

In the range of services offered by the weyer gruppe, a preliminary explosion protection concept can also be drawn up here if flammable liquids and gases or combustible dusts are to be processed in the planned plant. The concept elaborates fundamental safety aspects that are taken into account in the cost estimate and can influence significant investment costs.


  • Material data list
  • Process description
  • Process and RI flow diagrams
  • Preliminary explosion protection concept
  • Enquiry specifications for machines and apparatus
  • Pressure loss calculation
  • Layout plan
  • Cost estimates
weyer special: engineering

For our customers, engineering services of the weyer group mean an integrated support during the complete processing time of a project, from the process development according to the requirements, the design of the machines and apparatuses up to the securing of the legal requirements for construction and operation of the plant. Especially the management of authorities offered by the weyer group gives our customers the necessary planning security, as possible cost positions, e.g. in the field of plant safety, can be identified at an early stage.

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weyer spezial zum Thema Engineering

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