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Assembly supervision

Operators and investors

“Every theory is grey, what counts is that it gets built!” Even if this saying does not have its origin in process engineering, it still describes the situation on the construction site perfectly. During the project realisation stage, adjustments and changes to the planning need to be made time and time again in addition to the simply checking the deadlines and the progress made. These are usually performed directly at the construction site to guarantee quick decisions and direct coordination.

The weyer group offers a seamless transition from the planning phase to monitoring and supervising the implementation of the project on the construction site. Suitably qualified colleagues can also fulfil the role of the health and safety coordinator here.


  • Planning the assembly process
  • Coordination of all the disciplines, trades and suppliers involved
  • Monitoring of the deadline and progress control
  • General supervision of the assembly
  • Performance of cost tracking
  • Contact persons for all project stakeholders
weyer special: engineering

For our customers, engineering services of the weyer group mean an integrated support during the complete processing time of a project, from the process development according to the requirements, the design of the machines and apparatuses up to the securing of the legal requirements for construction and operation of the plant. Especially the management of authorities offered by the weyer group gives our customers the necessary planning security, as possible cost positions, e.g. in the field of plant safety, can be identified at an early stage.

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weyer spezial zum Thema Engineering

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